Artificial Intelligence
& Machine Learning

At Hike, we believe technology should wrap itself around people and not the other way around. Advancements in the field of AI are finally enabling us to bringing about this change.

Come join us as we take the world beyond the keyboard.
Research Areas
Natural Language Processing
Creating contextual experiences by making sense of chat in different Indian languages.
Computer Vision
Reinventing audio and visual communication.
Social Network Analysis
Mining large scale networks for connecting people and driving business growth.
Contextual Typeahead Sticker Suggestions on Hike
We describe how the system addresses the issue of numerous orthographic variations for chat messages and operates under 20 milliseconds with low CPU and memory footprint on device.
Heterogeneous Edge Embedding for Friend Recommendation
We propose a friend recommendation system using edge embedding on social networks. Our method outperforms various state-of-the-art baselines on Hike's social network in terms of accuracy metrics as well as user satisfaction.
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