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Enhanced shared experiences in heterogeneous network with generative AI
COVID-19 has made immersive experiences such as video conferencing, virtual reality/augmented reality, the most important modes of exchanging information. In this paper, we propose the method of a video streaming pipeline to provide better video quality under erratic network conditions.
Robust One Shot Audio to Video Generation
Audio to Video generation is an interesting problem that has numerous applications across industry verticals including film making, multi-media, marketing, education and others. We propose a novel approach OneShotA2V to synthesize a talking person video of arbitrary length using as input: an audio signal and a single unseen image of a person.
One Shot Audio to Animated Video Generation
We consider the challenging problem of audio to animated video generation. We propose a novel method OneShotAu2AV to generate an animated video of arbitrary length using an audio clip and a single unseen image of a person as an input.
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